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Care & Maintenance
We've got all you need to know taking care of your countertop
Caring for a laminate countertop is easy! Just wipe down with a damp, soapy cloth to keep it clean. Always protect the surface from sharp utensils and hot pans by using a cutting board and hot pad or trivet. For more detailed information, view the guides below.
Laminate Care & Maintenance
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Laminate Install Kit Contents
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Laminate Installation Guide
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Template Guide
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There is a lot that goes in to getting new countertops, here are some common Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate countertops. For additional questions on measuring, designing, or ordering countertops, check out our full FAQ page for all the details.
How do I measure my space?
You can either measure your cabinets or existing countertop. Always measure the outside dimensions from one back corner to the other back corner.
Do I need to call out where my appliances are placed when measuring?
Yes, please note all sink and appliance locations as well as any exposed ends. Note brand and model number when cooktops or cutouts are needed within the design to ensure a proper cut.
Are samples a true representation of the color selected?
Printed representations of the colors may differ from the actual samples. It is always best to view a sample in your space and light for proper representation of the color. Take home boards are available for check out in all Menards® stores, in addition, samples can be ordered of all materials on www.menards.com.
Can sink placement be adjusted forward and backward?
Yes, however there are limitations based on your layout. A Menards® Team Member can help you plan accordingly.
Can countertops be made out of square?
Yes, however there are limitations based on the material chosen. Laminate would need to have either a self or bevel edge. Solid SurfaceTM and Quartz® can be made in out of square layouts in all edge profiles.
Do I get my sink cut out materials?
Any sink, appliance or cuts with under 24" remaining material are considered scrap and will not ship with the order.
What makes high resolution laminate different from standard laminate?
High Resolution laminate offers deep rich, wide sweeping patterns with the look of natural stone. The finish process also makes high resolution 3x more durable than standard laminate.
What edge profiles are available?
We offer four wrap style edges, four standard edges and two specialty edges. Styles include Ogee full wrap, Aurora, Marquis, European, Ogee, Principal, No-Drip, Modern, Self Edge styles.
Why is my design only available in the Self Edge style?
Due to postformed nature of laminate countertops if a countertop design requires a profiled edge along both the front and ends of a design it will only be available in self or beveled edge styles.
What are the end finishes available and where should they be used?
End finishes offered include profiled, end cap applied and straight cut. Profiled ends allow the same edge profile as the front edge of the top to wrap around to an exposed end, but are limited to Self Edge styles. End Cap Applied is a straight cut end with a laminate end cap running the length of the cut. This is ideal on the ends that are exposed into a room or next to an appliance such as a stove or refrigerator. Straight Cut ends are cut and uncapped. These are commonly used where the edge will not be visible such like where an end butts up against a wall.
What is a factory installed undermount sink?
Factory installed undermount sinks offer a smooth transition from the countertop to the sink with no lip for water or dirt to build up. These sinks are installed at the factory for a quicker installation of your top.
What materials are available for undermount installation in laminate?
Stainless Steel, Quartz and acrylic. Please note, acrylic sinks are not recommended for use with garbage disposals.
Will the faucet holes be cut in my laminate countertop?
No the faucet holes will need to be cut on the job site per the installation instructions. Laminate Install Guide
Can I change the angle of the miter cut?
No, miter angles available are 45 or 22.5 degrees.
How do I care for my laminate countertop?
Wash the surface with mild dish washing detergent liquid or a powdered detergent; add warm water and wipe with a soft dish cloth. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. This is generally all that is needed. For stubborn spots, make a paste with baking soda and water. The paste will be slightly abrasive. Work carefully to keep from damaging the surface you are cleaning. Dip a soft bristle brush into the paste and cover the bristles. Gently rub the spot with the brush, moving in a circular motion and pressing very lightly. You may also use magic eraser stain remover following the manufacturer's instructions for stubborn stains. Please note: DO NOT use cleaners that contain harsh acids or abrasives, like but not limited to, bleach.
Can I cut on a laminate surface?
No, avoid cutting directly on laminate countertops, always use a cutting board.
What is the largest piece that I can order without a seam?
You can order up to 60"x144" in Self Edge only.
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